How to compare shed quotes

Avoid costly mistakes when deciding on which shed builder to go with
Shed quote checklist – smoke and mirrors 

By Rowan Jayasuryia 


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Some shed builders will provide such a basic quote that allows them to then give you surprise variations once you have signed up. Others will give a quote that is so complicated, that you will need a science degree to understand it. Also don’t be fooled by what materials are used. If the Universal Beams and Trusses have been reduced in size you won’t be able to add features like solar or a canopy at a later date.

The happy medium is a clear, concise, explicit and easy to read quote that will have at least the following information: 

  1. Size of Shed – Length x Width (depth) x Height
  2. Size of Materials – check column and truss sizing
  3. Columns and Trusses – painted or galvanised?
  4. Cladding and Roofing Material – colourbond, corrugated, zincalume
  5. Walls – type and number of enclosed walls (Sheds could range from roof only structures to fully enclosed structures and anything in between
  6. Doors – type and number (roller shutters, roller doors, Personal Access (PA) doors, sliding doors (single track, double track)
  7. Number of bays and spacing between posts – there is a cost/benefit aspect to wider bays spacings, so worth looking at what is proposed by different suppliers


Always check the inclusions to make sure you are not buying a car without wheels….

  1. Footing concrete
  2. Gutters – type and size
  3. Delivery and unloading
  4. Installation



‘Nice to have’ features and attachments to a quote are: (this will tell you how organised the supplier is and what resources it has and what technology it uses to run their business! The best shed builders provide the following suite of services

  1. A diagram showing the plans and elevation of the shed proposed. If there is a 3-D render image, that is a huge bonus because you can visualize what you are buying easily 
  2. Project management services at no cost 
  3. Help you obtain permits (building and town planning) – this is HUGE advantage to you if they oer this service so that you are not troubled by the various legislative and compliance requirements 
  4. Bluescope Steel – Australian steel is the best in the world 


General things to consider:

  1. How long has the company been in business? 
  2. Do they have an established installer network? 
  3. How far and wide do they work? ‘Local’ suppliers are not always the best when it comes to sheds. If the company has installed sheds in many places far and wide, that reflects they are a substantial organisation that has the resources and the technology to run an efficient business 
  4. Has the company been recognised for their work? Not just customer testimonials but awards for excellence by recognised bodies. If you see they have received national or state awards, it takes the risk out your decision because they must be doing something right! 


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Entegra offer a full suite of services with every project. We take care of town planning and building permits with statutory authorities or building surveyors.

As a manufacturer with design and engineering teams, we are able to optimise the materials and ensure your steel structure offers great value

Entegra have a team of designers, modelers and drafts people who follow up with our engineering, purchasing and production teams

Shed prices start from $49,980 excluding installation and GST for hay shed sized 32 metres long x 18 metres wide x 6 metres high

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