Our people are committed, qualified and experienced.

Our people are professional in everything they do.

Our people are passionate about what they do.

Our people pay attention to detail.

Our people share our core values.

Our Teams


Our Design team are a committed and talented bunch of designers, modelers and drafts people, who live and breathe the ethos of excellence into everything Entegra does. They are the conduit between our engineering, purchasing and production teams, providing them with what they need in a timely manner.


Our Engineering team make sure what we quote we can build, and what we build is absolutely structurally first rate. They provide guidance to the estimators and designers to ensure that the best outcome is achieved on each and every project; balancing form, functionality and cost. Our engineers are always aware of aesthetics which ensures Entegra Structures are truly Signature Structures visually.

Town Planning and Building Permits

Our Planning team are experts that work with statutory authorities and building surveyors to make sure we get it right the first time. Town Planning and Permits can cause stress and anxiety to clients and often cause delays on projects if they are not handled with expertise and great attention to detail. Our team are dedicated to ensuring the project gets to site with the minimum delay.


Our Procurement team are committed being pro-active and thorough, making sure Entegra is ‘smart’ about when and how we procure raw material. We understand production cycles of suppliers and market machinations to optimize procurement efficiency. This directly benefits our customers not just with cost but time to site. We deal with some of Australia’s largest suppliers such as OneSteel and Bluescope.

Project Management

Our Project Management Team are a team of experienced professionals who make it all happen, making sure all the constituent parts are working together. Through this process, they ensure the twin-objectives of cost and time on projects are delivered to plan. They are innovative and have the ability to problem-solve when things don’t always go to plan. Their commitment to delivering the ‘perfect project experience’ for the client is often admired by clients and suppliers alike. Post-construction surveys bear this out with very high-levels of client satisfaction.


Our Sales team truly understand the need to see the problems that the client is trying to solve. Often the shed or structure is a means to an end for satisfying the client’s end objective of achieving excellence in what they do. For example, our horticulture clients need to deliver a perfect apple to Coles! We believe our end objective therefore is to help the client achieve their core objective by ensuring the storage of that apple is perfect. Experienced, design oriented and technically savvy, our Sales team can provide expert advice on achieving the best result on every project.