Design and Engineering Feats
Australian Patented Technology

Entegra invests heavily in research and development to enhance our manufacturing capability for complex engineering tasks. We’re an expert in the sectors we partner with because we gain exclusive access to training, important events and major conferences related to the area of practice. We’ve patented technology, most notably with our RidgebackTM and triangular trusses.

Our award winning capability is without peer in Australia, with our design, engineering and manufacturing teams under one roof.

Clear-Span Buildings

Eliminating central posts have been a desirable outcome for retail buildings but not achieved often due to prohibitive costs. Entegra is a large span specialist pioneering the first 50m clear span in 1997. We have stretched the boundaries yet again to produce a record 80m clear-span Horticulture Packing shed in the Yarra Valley in 2019.

Environmentally sound
“Passive Box”

Structures – we design and engineer all our building to maximise solar loading to produce between 650kW and 1000kW on a roof space of 10000sqm. Furthermore they are designed to harvest 100% of the rainfall that can be collected harvested for various uses.

Roof-Lift Technology

Entegra pioneered roof-lift methodology in 1991 to cut the build time of steel structures to a fraction of the time the traditional stick-build methods take. The structure is built on the ground and lifted using cranes. A 15000sqm structure was lifted in two lifts during a single day in Mildura recently.

Patented Technology

We have a strong commitment to finding solutions for clients. We have patented two innovative designs.

We have designed a special triangular truss for applications where wide spans are required with a low spring height. 50m clear spans can be achieved with 800mm truss depths with this design and is particularly suited for buildings that need to eliminate central posts.

In 2005 a global Patent was established for The Ridgeback™ for our unique roof design for cattle barns and dairy barns to reduce heat-stress in cattle.

Award – Manufacturing
Hall of Fame

In 2018, Entegra was the winner of the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Award, Growth Sector Awards (Construction) which gives recognition of outstanding companies operating in the high growth sectors.