Shed options


Beam canopy tilted back, water drains to a box gutter against the shed.

Open web canopy draining to an external or box gutter on front.The end of the canopy is taper cut

Open web canopy with façade, drains to an external gutter, downpipes run back to the shed along the bottom chord

Open web canopy with façade, to a hidden box gutter on the front.


Facia gutter:

Low cost & most common gutter forsmaller buildings. Higher front to improve aesthetics

QLD Quad:

Great for larger spans or high rainfall areas, has a low front for overflow protection

Half Round:

Has unique curved base which can prevent build-up of water and dirt, allowing the gutter to clean itself with every shower of rain.

This gutter is specifically designed for rainwater to be directed to the ends of the building. The gutter itself is tapered for this reason, it doesn’t require downpipes on intermediate posts.


Roller shutters:

Steel roller shutters use individual powder coated slats to make up the whole door. This allows for a stronger door and if damaged only the slats need replacing

Sliding Doors:

These are great for enclosing a large area, they are cost effective and strong.

Girder Trusses:

These are great for large openings specially for farm machinery or loading bays

Rapid Doors:

PVC fast doors for high trafficked corridors and cool rooms. Can be triggered by remote, radar beam or weight sensor in floor

Access Door:

These are a high quality double skinned foam filled door. We use a gas strut as the door closer.



a cladding with a traditional feel to it, often used for domestic project and horse arenas or any project with a curved roof


A commercial grade cladding, this cladding can span further and run water better than corrugated cladding

Clip Lok:

As there are no penetrations used to fix this cladding It is Used heavily for office roofs where roof leaks are a crime

Wonder glass Sheeting:

Clear roof sheeting that has a 20yr warranty and scatters the light rather than a direct beam of sunlights shining through.

Concrete Dado Panels:

Brilliant option for industrial buildings where walls are liable to be damaged by forklifts and you need a vermin proof & more secure building.

Full Height concrete panels:

Ideal for building against boundary and maximising space. Also ensures a very secure building

Coolroom panel:

Low cost and can look really nice as a façade, doesn’t require much supporting steelwork. Very good insulator

Concrete Feature panels:

Ideal for a low cost façade, can integrate windows doors. hardwearing and can be painted


Sliding Doors:

These can be used as form of ventilation, this is subject to a building surveyors opinion

Vent Ridge:

These natural vents extract waste air & amp; heat load from a building. they are designed to eliminate water ingress

Spin Vent:

like the vent ridge These vents help remove waste air from isolated areas of a building

Fixed Wall vents:

Are used for natural low-level ventilation to reduce energy costs. Used predominantly in a high activity area


Blanket Insulation:

Thick insulation to help keep a building at a consistent temperature

Air cell insulation:

Insulation that stops radiant heat and is 95% bird proof with safety mesh.


Basic paper insulation that stops condensation, the most economical of insulations.

Coolroom Panel:

Excellent insulator, R values of 5+ if using 100mm panel, used mostly for fruit cold rooms and wine storage

other structural

Girder truss

Crane beams

Mezzanine floor

Cool room loading