Quality Policy


It is the policy of Entegra Signature Structures to work with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to establish quality standards and clear expectations.

All Entegra employees will be committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering every project exactly according to the stated and implied needs of the customer at the competitive price.

Entegra will provide the necessary tools and resources to employees such that they can continually improve procedures, streamline systems and implement new technology to meet the challenges of the future.


Entegra is committed to:

Providing high quality steel builds and installations which exceeds the customer requirements and are fit for their purpose.


Entegra will achieve this by embracing the following principles in all its operations:

– We shall consistently deliver high quality, safe, effective products & value-added service to meet or exceed customer expectations.

– We shall be operating under an effective Quality Management System that meets the ISO 9001 requirements.

– We shall be committed to continual improvement of the management system by establishing objectives, processes and systems and monitoring its performance.

– We shall create a sound quality culture by effective communication and participation of entire work force, provide them a safe working environment & necessary training.


Laurie McCalman
General Manager
Entegra Signature Structures