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End Of Financial Year EOFY Hot Deal

Hay Shed Kits $49,980 excl. GST

By Adam Smith


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First and foremost, Entegra is a custom shed manufacturer. This capability is enhanced with a full suite of services including design, engineering and project management. 

The previous financial year, we introduced farm shed kits for the most common hay shed sizes so that we could pass on savings to farmers. The savings mostly come from having the sheds pre-engineered and by working with our suppliers to unlock efficiencies in the manufacturing process. 

1000 Bale Hay Shed

Coupled with the increased scale of our operations, we’ve been able to keep the 1000 bale hay shed kit price $49,980 excluding GST. This price includes hot dipped galvanised columns and fascia gutters. There are variable costs for installation, delivery and footings and which we can estimate from our web chat service or over the phone 1300 296 206. We’ve also pre-engineered options at 1700 bale and 2500 bale shed sizes.

Permits are required for shed builds on farm properties and we will do the checks with council at no additional cost. You will be charged for the cost of the permit itself – which also can vary somewhat. Most farm sheds require just a building permit but there are occasions a planning permit is required for properties in flood zoning which we will also follow up with your local water authority. There are also laws pertaining to distance from other buildings and there can be environmental zoning you might not be aware of on your property.

Efficiency in design comes from understanding how you will use the farm shed. If you’re to use the shed for hay storage, it can be cheaper to increase the height of the shed. For example, it is cheaper to increase the height from 6m to 7.5m to increase the storage capacity by 40% but at an increased cost of 10%. This hay shed design can store 1400 bales and can be a good saving instead of having a 5 bale hay shed which costs 40% more than a 4 bay hay shed.

Another saving can be from the depth of the farm shed. It is cheaper to extend the depth of the hay shed from 18m to 21m with a 2 sided (1 gable end opening) instead of having a 3 sided hay shed with a canopy at the front. You should expect a canopy on the front of a 4 bay hay shed to cost at least $10,000 or more. By having a 2 sided shed you could instead drive your machinery in through the gable end and still have an undercover workspace.

How about comparing the cost of a girder truss compared to a canopy? A simple design change is to remove a column and insert a girder to expand an opening to 16m instead of 8m. There is a significant saving by limiting a girder truss to 15m and we’re able to alter the width of each of the other bay openings to up to 9m to achieve this.

Box gutters are an added cost but at just 4% extra to the shed cost, it is great value. Water running to the ends eliminates the need of doing further plumbing after the shed installation. Increasingly farmers are requesting box gutters so that they can use the water captured by connecting up water tanks and being able to have rainwater for spraying their crops. 


box gutters add about 4% to shed cost


Hot dipped galvanised columns come as standard. The trusses can be installed as pre-galvanised and will be fine for the lifetime of the shed as trusses aren’t as exposed to the elements compared to columns. 

 In Summary:

  1. Efficiencies in design
  2. Cost of permits
  3. Savings from going direct to a manufacturer
  4. Box gutters are great value
  5. There are alternatives to shed canopies

Are you in the market to buy a shed? Talk to us now 1300 296 206  or get a hay shed quote or farm shed quote from chatting with our online bot. We jump into these conversations so it is likely you’ll chat to a real person!

Entegra is offering the 1000 bale hay shed at the 2019 price


Water tanks are an optional add on with 10% off until end of financial year


Design, Engineering and estimating is all done in-house

Entegra sheds use bluescope steel

Request a quote with your site address to know the full costs

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