Hay Shed Designs

Our project team have successfully got many hay sheds up in time for farmers across the Mallee and Wimmera at a critical time as they adapt to deteriorating conditions.

Latest pictures from our project managers out on the road today are encouraging, with many farmers busily preparing for harvest.


Harvest video




For farmers cutting hay, the good news is that we’re still able to install sheds this calendar year and the hay sheds are highly adaptable to be able to also be used for machinery storage. With our internal design and engineering capability, we’re able to remove columns and make other changes to the hay shed design without causing long delays in installation. Typically, hay sheds come with 8m wide bays that are 6m high at the eaves. Many of our clients are choosing to remove a column to double that space to be able to park their heavy machinery and equipment and use the shed for vehicle storage. The most popular change is to remove a column by inserting a girder truss. Another option is a UB section, however a girder truss is usually a more efficient option because it uses less steel and is lighter.


Common alterations to a standard 2500 Bale Hay Shed:

  1. 8m Bays can be increased to 10m and a maximum 12m
  2. shed heights at the eaves can be increased from 6m up to 12metres
  3. Painted columns and trusses “future proofed” with hot dipped galvanised zinc
  4. Fascia gutters upgraded to box gutters

Farmers are often surprised at the significant cost of a canopy. Thought needs to be considered for form and function with the future use in mind. Creating a multipurpose workspace inside the shed is often a better option than a typical 6m canopy extending from the front. See the following image for a shed engineered for a canopy to be added a later time.










Start chatting with us online or give us a call 1300 296 206 and we’ll price the different options to “future proof” your hay shed, machinery shed, agricultural shed, work shed…. what you call it is up to you! a hay shed to suit your agricultural business

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