The Best Hay Shed Price

The best in hay shed design costs $117,090.

This is the median price of a typical hay shed sold in the last 6 months. How is the cost of a hay shed made from structural steel calculated? Read on.

Key factors include:
– Wind Region Rating
– Delivery location across NT, SA, QLD, NSW, VIC & New Zealand
– Materials and if using Bluescope steel
– Gutter system and tapered gutters
– Quality of the finish and galvanisation
– Profit margin to ensure we exist to service the warranty

Tapered gutters are included as standard


This Hay Shed in Berriwillock has been customised at an increased depth of 30m.

The Entegra design and engineering teams standardised storage shed designs with the Original Series to maximise value with greater durability. These sheds apply trusses and structural steel which results in significantly reduced sag compared to purlin sheds or universal beam sheds. Sag is defined as the vertical deflection of the shed under dead load. Each frame has been engineered to be able to add on extra bays and cladding.

The open front farm sheds of the Original Series are sized according to storage capacity, with a shed to suit every farmer. Stock Shed sizes start from 1000 bales and up to 2800 bales. The bays have clearance heights starting from 5 bales high and the square bales are able to be stacked at 3 hay bales wide per bay.

For many farmers the 1700 bale hay shed is the sweet spot, with this size being our most popular shed on the market. Included with the shed is Taperflow™ gutters, galvanised frames, and 8m bays that can be widened with a custom design using a girder truss. At 6.75m high, hay can be stacked six bales high.



Entegra is the only structural shed manufacturer on the market with Taperflow™ gutters included as standard. These tapered gutters increase in size as they carry greater volumes of water to one end of the shed that whirlpools into a large rainhead.

The Taperflow™ system is easy to connect to water tanks with what is stored ideal for cropping. The increased capacity of the gutter system ensures that there is no backflow of water into the shed to keep the hay dry.Страница_2.jpg


The smallest hay shed manufactured by Entegra is the 1000 bale hay shed. This steel shed is 32 metres long, with 4 x 8 metre bays (3 hay bales wide per bay), 18 metres deep (15 bales) and with a 6 metre eve height (5/6 bales high).

Economies of scale are maximsied with the 2500 hay bale shed with 48 metre length, so x 8 metre bays (3 hay bales wide per bay) and 24 metre depth (20 bales deep). The extra height at 6.75 (6/7 bales) affords more options with girder trusses. These sheds are pre-engineered and so are the best value, cheapest sheds available from Entegra.

The biggest hay shed kept in stock is the 2800 bale capacity which is able to pack hay 8 bales high with the 7.5m height. All shed sizes come with hot dipped galvanised columns.

Comparing the size of farm machinery can assist choosing a stock Original Series hay shed as opposed to choosing one of the F-Series machinery sheds. The F-Series includes a greater range of options suitable for cantilever canopies, sliding doors or roller doors, concreting, wonderglass and lighting.

Farmers typically size hay sheds to suit the largest plant and equipment. Do you own the world’s biggest tractor? That would be the 8.5m x 6m wide Big Bud 16V-747 Tractor. The 9600 John Deere combine is almost 4m high and is more than 7m long. Bays can be widened to up to 12m before needing to insert a girder truss to remove a column.

Entegra has been customising all types of large farm storage sheds for more than 35 years, with customers including Mallee Hay, Hay Australia, Gilmac and JCT. Entegra pioneered the ‘roof lift’ method of putting sheds together on the ground before using cranes to lift the roof and swing the columns into position.

Entegra still has installation dates for this financial year, and there is no better time to put in an order. For every $50,000 spent on a shed with Entegra, the client will get an additional ticket in the Pod Trailer Promotion (which will end June 30 and conditions apply).

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