Don’t let a dollar saved today – cost you two dollars tomorrow

“A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow”

This means that the purchasing power of a dollar in the present is higher than that of the same dollar in the future, because of inflation and other factors. Therefore, it suggests investing money in the present instead of keeping it under your mattress, because with the same amount of dollars you will be buying less products after one year.

Aussie made farm sheds


But money is never enough and we always look for the more convenient solution. When investing in buildings and structures, we want our money to be well spent and we put stability and durability first. Of course, the ideal scenario will be a cheap long lasting structure, but often cheap means low quality.

“Who spends more, spends less”

Investing a few dollars more in the present might contribute to less maintenance cost and a lower degree of deterioration in the future.  Most of the time, pre-built structures look attractive, because they are cheaper, faster and ready to use. But maybe after two years, damages start to become visible, because of the low quality of the materials used in the project. The structure becomes unsafe and space is not optimised. For companies, this means maintenance costs are rising, revenue is decreasing and profit is reducing. For privates, this means they basically throw their money away.

How Entegra can help:

Top quality materials: We only use quality materials which comply with Australian standards. This will make your structure durable and lower, if not eliminate, maintenance costs.

Certified Professional team: Professional companies like Entegra always have a team composed of certified engineers, builders, designers which communicate with each other in order to conceive and realise the best outcome for your structure.

Expertise: Our expertise will help you have the most stable optimised and durable structure. Our experts will help you customise your structure and make it suitable to your requirements.

You won’t have to deal with bureaucracy: Our team of professionals will deal with bureaucracy, communicating with councils in order to receive the required documentation such as planning and building permits.

Warranty: Once the structure is built, we will dispatch the waste and ensure the structure complies with the safety standards.

In conclusion, since keeping money under your mattress won’t get you any reward and since you will be basically throwing money away if you buy low quality, pre-built structures, the best solution is always to entrust a company of professionals that can ensure you will never have to put your hands on it, because we can do the hard work for you.

Entegra’s team of professionals are ready to help you with customising and building your unique, safe, long-lasting and top quality Signature Structure. For more information, please visit our website or contact us via [email protected] or 1300 296 206

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