The Major Agricultural Producing and Exporting Nations of the World?

Agriculture is one of the highest earning revenue sectors in the world. It’s also central to ensuring that enough food is produced to feed people across the planet. For these reasons, countries that have strong agricultural production and/or exports have the opportunity to reap large financial rewards.

In the case of major cereal and vegetable crops, the United States, China, India, and Russia lead the way in terms of production. The United States and China also feature in the list of top agricultural exporters in the world where they are joined by nations including the Netherlands and Spain.

Let’s take a look at the top agricultural producing and exporting nations in the world in more detail.

Key points

  • Agriculture is one of the highest earning revenue sectors in the world.
  • China is the top producer of agricultural goods in the world. The goods it produces include rice, soybean, millet, wheat, and corn.
  • The United States is the biggest exporter of agricultural goods in the world. The total of these exports is around US$150 billion.
  • Australia’s cropping exports amount to around AUS$13.2 billion.

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Top agricultural producers in the world

It’s not surprising that China and India are both in the list of the top 10 agricultural producers in the world. Both countries have large populations so domestic food security is a major consideration.

The remaining countries on the list may be less easy to predict. Here are the biggest producers from 10 to one.

  1. Turkey

As of 2018, around 19.2 % of employment in Turkey was in the agricultural sector. These workers help to produce various items. The country is one of the largest producers of apricots, figs, raisins, hazelnuts, grapes, and tobacco.

  1. Germany

German workers generate around 50 billion euros worth of agricultural goods each year. One of the main agricultural related goods produced is beer. Around 10% of those working in agriculture are involved with organic farming.

  1. Japan

Agriculture is one of Japan’s primary industries, together with mining. However, it only contributes around 1.14% to the country’s GDP. Nevertheless, the country produces significant amounts of rice as well as soybeans, wheat, and barley.

  1. Mexico

Around 15% of land in Mexico is taken over for agriculture. The most common produce items include sugarcane, corn, wheat, peppers, blue agave, avocados, and tropical fruits.

  1. France

France is a top European Union producer of cereals, sugar beets, oilseeds, and beef. It’s also a top global producer of wine. In recent years produce such as flour and cereals have overtaken meat products as the most produced.

  1. Russia

Russia is a huge country so it’s hardly surprising that it has around 23 million hectares of cultivated land. Around half of this land is used to produce grain with wheat being the most used food crop in the country.

  1. India

India is the biggest producer of milk globally. It’s also a major producer of dry fruits and fish. The country is home to the largest area of irrigated land on the planet, around 96 million hectares. Overall, the agricultural industry creates around 60% of India’s GDP.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is a world leader in the production of sugarcane at more than 600 million tonnes each year. Around 7% of the land in the country is utilized for crop production including the major crops of soybean and coffee.

  1. United States

The three most produced crops in the United States are corn at around 247,000,000 tonnes, soybean at around 74,600,000 tonnes, and wheat at around 69,300,000 tonnes. The country is also a significant producer of potatoes, sugarcane, coffee, sugar beets, and bananas.

  1. China

Only around 10-20% of the land in China is used for agriculture. Much of this land is used to produce rice. Other major Chinese produce items include soybean, millet, wheat, and corn.

Top agricultural exporters in the world

Many of the countries that are the biggest agricultural producers also feature on the list of top agricultural exporters. There are also some other countries included.

Here are the biggest exporters from 10 to one.

  1. Italy

Italy exports around US$43 billion worth of agricultural products annually. These exports consist mostly of grapes, olives, and fruits.

  1. Belgium

Belgium is a major exporter of corn and potatoes. The country is also world famous for its chocolates. Overall, Belgium’s exports raise around US$44 billion annually.

  1. Canada

Canada is a major exporter of grains including rye and oats. Overall, the country’s exports amount to around $49 billion each year.

  1. Spain

Spain produces and exports agricultural products including cotton, corn, olives, and sugar beets. The country raises around US$50 billion per year.

  1. China

Although China is the largest producer of agricultural goods, it’s not the biggest exporter. The country’s overall exports reach around US$63 billion yearly. This includes corn which is one of China’s most exported agricultural goods.

  1. France

Agricultural exports from France amount to around $74 billion annually. The goods the country exports include poultry, pork, wheat, dairy, and beef.

  1. Brazil

Brazil has agricultural exports totalling around US$79 billion annually. Its most exported goods include wheat, rice, coffee, and soybean.



  1. Germany

The impressive agricultural exports total for Germany is around US$86 billion. This includes the export of products such as sugar beets, beef, cereals, and dairy.

  1. Netherlands

The Netherlands may not be a big country, but it still manages to make around US$94 billion from agricultural exports. This includes US$61 billion for agricultural products, US$9 billion for agricultural material, and US$24 billion for re-exports.

  1. United States

The United States is the largest exporter of agricultural goods each year. It makes around US$150 billion from these exports which include tomatoes, oats, soybean, and spices.

Although Australia is yet to make the list of either the top agricultural producers or exporters, it does have a significant role to play. For the year 2020-21, it’s cropping exports amounted to AUS$13.2 billion. This is the second highest amount on record and represents positive growth for the country in the global agricultural export markets.


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