Australia Set for Record Wheat Crop Despite Rain Damage

The experts are predicting a bumper crop harvest for Australia despite the issues caused by heavy rains in the eastern region of the country. These positive predictions include an expectation that the wheat harvest will reach record levels.

The overall winter crop production forecast provided by the federal Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARES) is 62 million tonnes. If the predictions are correct, this will be the second-highest yield on record. The healthy forecasts have happened despite the damage caused by flooding in the east, as other areas are experiencing their best recorded winter crop levels.

Key points

  • Experts are predicting a bumper crop harvest for Australia this year.
  • The predictions are good despite torrential rainfall damaging crops in eastern provinces because reduced crop production levels in these areas have been balanced by record levels in other parts of Australia.
  • The predicted record wheat production level of 36.6 million tonnes plays a key role in the overall yield.
  • In addition to record wheat production, wheat export figures are expected to increase to $546 per tonne.

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Positive outlook for wheat production in Australia

Predicted record wheat production levels play a vital role in the figures suggested by ABARES. Production levels for what is the major grain crop in the country are expected to reach 36.6 million tonnes. This is a 1% increase on the record recorded figures for last year. Canola production is also expected to reach record figures of 7.3 million tonnes, 4% up from last season.

The high figures for crop yield are predicted despite heavy rain damaging crops in the eastern region. This damage has been offset by record yields in other areas. Differences in the crop situation across the country mean that regional contributions to the overall figures are not even.

Uneven crop yields across the country

Floods in eastern Australia in the last twelve months were caused by a rare La Nina weather phenomenon. These floods caused considerable damage to crops in that part of the country and had an adverse effect on crop yields. Eastern farmers are still struggling with the aftereffects of extreme weather, such as damaged roads and flooded machinery. These issues are causing ongoing difficulties with harvesting leading to an uncertain picture in New South Wales and Victoria, where harvests are expected to run into the summer months.



However, the difficulties in this part of Australia contrast with record crops achieved in other areas. Some states are achieving their highest crop yields on record. So, the overall picture is one of high crop yields in Australia this year, especially in terms of wheat, where record tonnage is predicted.

In addition to the good news about the record wheat crop in Australia, and the overall high yields, Australian agricultural exports are expected to hit a record level of $72 billion. The export price of wheat is also expected to rise to $546 per tonne in 2022-23, which is welcome news for exporters. So, the overall wheat crop situation is positive despite challenges in some parts of the country.

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