Everything You Need to Know About 2021 DairySA Innovation Day

This year’s DairySA Innovation Day takes place on 21 July at The Barn, 747 Glenelg River Road, Mt Gambier. The aim of the event is to address issues facing dairy farmers today. This includes examining ways to improve productivity and profitability.

Speakers for the event at The Barn have been carefully chosen to provide illuminating information and insights. They will talk about various topics, many of which surround current leading research and technologies. For example, talks will include subjects such as how to achieve more fertile and productive herds and how to use data to improve a herd.

The dinner which takes place after the presentations provides an opportunity for attendees to network and discuss the talks that have taken place during the day.

Key points

  • DairySA Innovation Day 2021 takes place on 21 July at The Barn, 747 Glenelg River Road, Mt Gambier.
  • Around 200 farmers and industry producers are expected to attend.
  • Tickets for the event cost $40.
  • Speakers for this year’s DairySA Innovation Day include Prof. Jennie Pryce, Dr Matthew Shaffer, and Jonathan Brown.

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What to expect from DairySA Innovation Day 2021

The team behind the event are part of DairySA. This is one of eight regional dairy teams that come together to form Dairy Australia. All of these teams are funded by Dairy Australia and the dairy service levy. This helps them to deliver information, advice, and activities to dairy farmers in their part of the country.

The 2021 DairySA Innovation Day is one of the main activities that DairySA arranges and promotes. It delivers information that is diverse and inspirational with its strong agenda and line-up of expert industry speakers.

Around 200 dairy farmers and service providers are expected to attend the event. They will attend talks such as Prof. Jennie Pryce providing an update on the DairyBio program which aims to help farmers unlock genetic gains to improve their herds. Other talks that will be a feature of the 2021 DairySA Innovation Day include:

  •       Dr Matthew Shaffer discussing DataGene technology. This will help famers get a better understanding of the data that is available to them.
  •       Un update on the latest information about the 100 Days project which assists with animal performance.
  •       Advice on using technology from the Pasture Smarts Program to improve forecasting around pasture performance.
  •       Information about colostrum management and how it enables farmers to ensure that calves have the best possible start. Having this positive beginning gives calves the best chance of achieving healthy growth.
  •       A talk by AFL legend, media personality and Dairy Industry Ambassador Jonathan Brown who is a guest speaker at the event.

After the talks, the ‘Top Paddock’ event takes place which is the opportunity to enjoy snacks and drinks while networking. This is followed by the Innovation Day Dinner which is always popular with attendees.

Learn more about 2021 DairySA Innovation Day and book tickets

Anyone who wants to take a look at the entire program for DairySA Innovation Day 2021 can download the flyer for the event. This document provides details of the concurrent talks that are due to take place on the day. Anyone who wants more information should call 0492 803 805.

Tickets for the event can be booked using this link. They cost $40 per ticket.

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