Work experience enables career exploration

Learning about shed design, sales, engineering and working with clients underpinned a big week at Entegra for Ellie Ireson.

The Bachelor of Agriculture student and winner of the inaugural NT Farmers Kenneth Rayner Agriculture Scholarship – sponsored by Entegra – recently completed a week’s work experience with the shed construction company

Key points

  •   The Kenneth Rayner Scholarship is sponsored by Entegra and NT Farmers
  •   UNE Bachelor of Agriculture student Ellie Ireson was awarded the inaugural Northern Territory Farmers Association Kenneth Rayner Agriculture Scholarship.
  •   Ellie completed a weeks work experience with Entegra
  •   Ellie’s final exams are this October

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Ellie Ireson

Ellie Ireson pictured with Lori Amurri of Entegra. Ellie completed a week’s work experience at Entegra’s Gympie office.


Ellie worked out of Entegra’s Queensland office at Gympie and experienced all facets of the business.

“I’d never seen how a business runs client management software, what’s involved in dealing with clients, and I’d also never seen how sheds are made from start to finish,” she said.

“It was interesting to learn all that and see how Entegra is so collaborative with everyone. Everyone on the Entegra team has an important role and I was able to sit in on meetings between the team in Gympie and Swan Hill (Victoria) and see how everyone works together and learn about the programs they use.”

A week of work experience with Entegra was part of the NT Farmers Kenneth Rayner Agriculture Scholarship.

As part of the week, she visited clients on-farm, spent time working in the sales and marketing departments and learnt about the logistics and planning that goes into manufacturing a shed.

Sitting her final exams in October, Ellie said spending a week at Entegra provided an insight into a potential career path.

“It was good to step into that work to understand what job opportunities are out there for when I take my next step after university,” she said.

“I’m still deciding what path to go down, but it was great opportunity to gain perspective.”





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