Win an Aussie-made adventure with Entegra

Ever dream of just getting away from it all?
Spending a few nights under the stars with nothing but a crackling fire and crashing waves as company.
Or perhaps, a trip into some of Australia’s vast bushland, navigating your way to the top of the closest mountain and soaking in the view.

Entegra is offering you this ticket to adventure.
Australia’s leading shed construction company has teamed-up with Trailmaster Industries to provide a lucky customer with the gift of adventure and travel opportunity.

Key points

  • Any purchase of an Entegra shed will automatically secure a ticket in the draw
  • Every $50,000 spent = 1 ticket, with a maximum of 10 tickets
  • Competition started March 1 and will end June 30
  • The prize will be one customised Pioneer Active Pod trailer worth $22,000

Need a Quote?


The winner of Entegra’s Golden Ticket draw will drive away with a customised Trailmaster Active Pod ‘Pioneer’ – complete with everything needed for an offroad journey or quick weekend away.


Manufactured in Victoria, the Trailmaster Active Pod is a multipurpose utility trailer that’s big enough to store all your camping essentials – and includes a premium Australian made rooftop tent.

But it’s also lightweight, compact and robust enough to tackle this country’s toughest terrain.

Trailmaster Industries Active Pod is known for its quality workmanship and ability to thrive in Australian conditions.

Just like Entegra sheds.

Manufactured at Wangaratta in regional Victoria, Trailmaster Industries products are made to the highest possible standard, with construction backed by the reliability of onshore supply chains.


Trailmaster Active Pod

The Pioneer active pod has been customised with the ultimate upgrade to include a Roof Top Tent


There’s no business that understands the value of this quality better than Swan Hill-based Entegra.

For Entegra’s Marketing Team Leader Adam Smith this ‘golden ticket’ competition is about rewarding customer’s and supporting a fellow Victorian manufacturer.

“Our customers choose Entegra sheds because of our service and quality, they also like that our business creates jobs in regional Australia,” he said.

“Trailmaster Industries is the same, we have worked closely with them for years and share similar values.”

Manufacturing contributes about $100 billion a year to Australia’s economy and employs about 900,000 people, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

In January 2022, manufacturing contributed to 6 per cent of the nation’s economy – the fifth largest industry – according to the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Trailmaster Industries Director Ian Allpress started producing Active Pods in 2019.

“We recognised two distinct key target markets, the first, was the mum and dad with two young children, a mortgage and a small car,” he said.

“They are unable to spend $60,000 on a caravan and a similar amount or more on a Landcruiser to tow it, but they want to take their children on camping adventures like their parents had taken them. Then there’s the retired couples who have had the Landcruiser’s and caravans, but no longer want to drive big vehicles or maneuver large caravans – they want to downsize and tow a lightweight and manageable camper trailer.”

“And our sales split is almost exactly 50-50.”

Lightweight enough to be towed behind a small (or large) family car, the dust and waterproof Active Pod can go anywhere.

Active Pods are made with a combination of plastic, aluminium and hot-dipped galvanised steel, so they won’t rust…their 5-year warranty supports this.

Entering the Australian camper market after over 30 years in business, Ian thoroughly researched the industry. It was during this investigation, and discussion with customers, where he learnt about the importance of ‘Australian Made’.

“A lot of customers called and asked if we could take them on a video tour of the factory, they wanted to be certain the Pods weren’t just assembled in Australia, it was about ensuring the quality and the country of manufacture” he said.

“All our laser cutting is done out of Australian steel; all our welding and galvanising is done here and the moulding of the plastic tubs and lids.”

“A lot of these things could be done overseas for half the price, but manufacturing in Australia is something I’ve chosen to do to keep control of my supply chain and quality; and it’s working!”


Entegra prize Active Pod features:

  • 1750 litres of covered space in the 2120mm long x 1270mm wide and 405mm deep tub
  • Drawbar-mounted toolbox
  • Melbourne-built Boss RT1 Overlander rooftop tent
  • 17” alloy wheels
  • 265/65R17 Maxxis AT Razr tyres
  • High articulation DO35 Cruisemaster hitch
  • Underbody water tank
  • Tub dividers


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