What we say we do

Since our conception in 1986 in Swan Hill Victoria, when we were known at Swan hill Engineering, we have developed a systematic approach to providing our clients with exactly what they want when it comes to building sheds.  Our philosophy has always been to be completely transparent with the client and ensure they can perceive our trustworthiness, honesty and professionalism.  In over 30 years we have had more than enough time to systematically and effectively devise a process from on-boarding our customers to delivering them their high quality shed.

Aussie made farm sheds

So, what is it exactly that we say we do?

1.     We first get in contact with you.  We get to know you and find out exactly what YOUR world looks like.  We need to get a firm understanding of exactly what you’re expecting.

2.     Based on our experience and honesty, we will that have our team of estimators deliver a quote to you which will best be suited to your needs.

3.     If everything in the quote is deemed satisfactory by your standards, you will then be given an opportunity to sign the quote and pay the corresponding deposit.

4.     The fun part begins. This is when your Entegra Signature Structure will be drafted up before being certified by an engineer.

5.     To help facilitate the process of you gaining your planning and building permits, our team of professionals will provide you with the plans to include in the documentation which will then be handed over to the council.

6.     After the permits have been granted, we will order all the necessary materials for your project and the manufacturing process will commence.

7.     After our workers have successfully and effectively constructed the parts which will be used to form your shed, the steelwork will be dispatched to your site.

8.     Our professional team of installers will go to your site and ensure that your Entegra Signature Structure is built and erected in accordance to the highest of safety and quality standards.

9.     Checking off.  Once your unique Signature Structure has been erected, you will receive a visit from one of our sales team members who will inspect the shed and ensure that you have been delivered exactly what was proposed in the quote.


Apart from supplying you with a steel structure that is of the highest quality and workmanship, our team of dedicated professionals are here to guide you along every step of the way.  Your happiness and satisfaction is what drives our success.


And this is what we do.

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