What are the Top 10 ASX listed Agribusinesses?

Australia has a reputation for clean and safe agricultural production. This makes its agriculture sector ripe for investment opportunities.

As with many sectors, agriculture has been adversely affected by the global pandemic but it’s recovering well. There are still challenges facing the industry, including soaring commodity prices, but this has not stopped several companies from performing relatively well on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

The ASX is one of the top-10 exchange groups in the world when measured by market capitalisation. So, it makes sense to use it as a measure of the performance of agribusinesses.

Key points

  •       Agriculture is an industry that has been adversely affected by the global pandemic but is starting to recover.
  •       Several Australian agribusinesses are faring relatively well according to ASX listings.
  •       The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is one of the top-10 exchange groups in the world.
  •       The a2 Milk Co. heads this list of the top performing ASX listed agribusinesses according to market cap.

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So, which companies are currently top of the ASX listings when measured by market cap (the total value of shares of stock)? Let’s take a closer look at the current situation with all prices listed in Australian dollars and correct at time of writing.

1.     The a2 Milk Co (A2M)

Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$3.87 billion $4.68 $4.57-$8.45


The a2 Milk Company Limited is a company that involves the commercialisation of intellectual property that relates to A1 protein-free milk. This milk is sold under the a2 and a2 Milk brands.

The milk is produced entirely naturally and there is no genetic modification involved. In addition to its products, the company is also dedicated to ensuring sustainability for the long term as well as educating its customers.

a2 Milk Company Limited has an investor centre online where it provides relevant information for investors including results, reports, and market announcements.

2.     Elders (ELD)

Market cap Stock Price 52-week stock range
$2.07 billion $14.19 $10.73-$14.21


Elders Limited is well-known as a provider of services such as banking, financial services, and real estate to primary producers in the agricultural industry. The company operates in Australia and New Zealand.

Elders Limited provides a facility for its investors to receive annual reports of meetings and dividend statements electronically via its investor centre.

3.     Graincorp (GNC)

Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$2 billion $9.75 $4.76-$10.06


The main business of Graincorp is the storage of grain. The company also provides logistics solutions and supply chains in the grain industry.

Graincorp originates grain in Canada, the UK, and the Ukraine as well as Australia. It then connects this grain supply to customers through its offices in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Delhi.

The company provides access to information including financial results, AGM minutes, and ASX announcements in its investor centre online.

4.     Costa Group (CGC)

Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$1.48 billion $3.39 $2.67-$4.81


Costa is a leading grower, packager, and seller of fruit and vegetables. The Australian company was first listed on the stock exchange in 2015.

The company has operations in more than 30 rural communities in Australia. It prides itself on building positive relationships in the communities where it operates and is dedicated to large-scale sustainable agriculture.

Costa has an online investor centre where it provides valuable data for investors including company reports and the latest ASX announcements.

5.     Inghams Group (ING)

Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$1.13 billion $3.04 $2.94-$4.26


Providing chicken, turkey, and plant-based protein for retail, restaurants, food-distribution, and export, Inghams is Australia’s largest integrated poultry producer. The company is also a major distributor of stock feed.

Inghams is dedicated to employing sustainable working practices in order to protect the environment surrounding its operations. The company also ensures that it maintains a caring ethos regarding animals, customers, and communities.

The investor centre on the Inghams website provides access to information including financial and company reports, share price activity and ASX announcements.

6.     Australian Agricultural Co (AAC)

Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$988.54 million $1.68 $1.11-$1.81


The Australian Agricultural Company operates feedlots and farms across Queensland and the Northern Territory and manages the largest cattle herd in the country at around 340,000 head. The land owned by the company covers around seven million hectares.

Established in 1824, the company has continued on a path of growth and innovation since then. Today, it’s a modern operation that is dedicated to a sustainable approach.

Investors can follow the performance of the Australian Agricultural Company by using the dedicated resources on its website.

7.     Tassal Group (TGR)

Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$766.85 million $3.62 $3.21-$3.97


The Tasmanian-based company Tassal was founded in 1986. It is the leading producer of seafood in Australia and is known for being the main producer of Atlantic salmon in the country. The company is focussed on sustainability and quality.

In addition to its seafood production, Tassal also provides information about nutrition as well as recipes on its website. This is the company’s way of sharing its passion.

Investors in the company have the opportunity to view critical information online, such as company resorts and the latest share data.

8.     Ridley Corporation (RIC)

Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$546.34 million $1.70 $1.00-$1.75


For more than 30 years, Ridley has been a top provider of animal nutrient solutions in Australia. The company has a reputation for providing top quality nutritional products such as mineral concentrates, nutritional blocks, and complete rations.

Ridley brands including Barastoc, Cobber, Rumevite, and Primo, are aimed at meeting the needs of a range of animal species including dairy cows, poultry, pigs, and beef cattle.


The company has a comprehensive investor section on its website where investors can access information including financial results and ASX releases.


Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$421.24 million $6.55 $6.09-$7.50


The Sunrice Group is a consumer focussed company that has a global reach. It exports its rice products to more than 50 countries worldwide. The company is known for its high-quality short-grain and medium-grain rice. It has also diversified into product ranges and services including gourmet Mediterranean foods and stockfeed production.

The Sunrice Group has grown to become a recognised global brand from humble origins. It began when Jō Takasuka and his wife, Ichi, travelled to Melbourne from Japan, in 1905. The Takasukas moved to Nyah, Victoria and sowed their first 35 acres of Japanese rice, and so began the company’s story.

Investors can take a look at the latest company results and ASX announcements on the dedicated investor page of the Sunrice Group website.


Market cap Stock price 52-week stock range
$311.27 million $2.55 $2.32-$3.96


A third-generation family-owned business, Lynch is a respected flower grower and wholesaler. The company has operations in Australia and China including cool chained production facilities. It is a large-scale company that has a global reputation.

The company prides itself on creating innovative design based on customer insights and the aim of meeting a range of customer demands.

Lynch provides investors with details of the company, directors, and governance in its website investors centre.

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