World’s 5 Most Unique Equestrian Facilities

Have you ever wondered what might be the world’s most uniquely designed riding arena? Ever wanted to visit the world’s most beautiful or the biggest riding arena? Want to see where horses walk on marble rather than grass? From a bird’s nest to a luxurious mansion, this list will look into five of the most unique equestrian facilities around the world.

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Stork’s Nest Farm 

We will start this list with possibly the most unique riding arena. 12,5 meters tall and 34 meters wide, this oak log decorated structure looks more like the home of birds rather than of horses. The Stork’s Nest Farm, located approximately 50km south of Prague (Czech Republic), was built in 2010 and designed to look like a stork’s nest. Why? While humans mostly abandoned the area towards the end of the 1980s, storks made this place their home. Ever since 1926, the storks have returned to the farm from Africa to live on one of the chimneys at a distillery connected to the farmstead. When revitalising the area, architects wanted to make a tribute to these birds. The result: A stunning ‘stork nest’ structure with an indoor riding arena. The architects were hoping that this unique structure would not only bring storks but also people back to the farm. It seems to have done the trick. Today the Stork’s Nest Farm is used for riding and other various events.



Winter Riding School 

The second on our list is the Winter Riding School arena at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Constructed by the Austrian architect Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach, this beautiful baroque building is truly a work of art. The building was finished in 1735 and is 18 meters wide, 56 meters long, and 17 meters high. It has three floors, 52 pillars and a 1000 m2 riding area. The inside is beautifully decorated including an equestrian portrait of Emperor Charles VI who commissioned the construction of the building. Though the building was originally designed for riding purposes, it is today used for a broad range of functions hosting up to 1294 guests. If you are ever in Vienna, this building is a must-see.


The World Equestrian Centre

What makes our number #3 so unique is its massive size. The World Equestrian Center (WEC) is a massive equestrian facility located in the U.S. The WEC has facilities both in Wilmington (Ohio) and Ocala (Florida). When the Wilmington facility expanded in 2015, it became the largest indoor arena in the U.S. It offers both indoor and outdoor arenas that contribute to over 100 000 square feet of climate controlled riding areas. The Wilmington facilities also have 650 permanent stalls and hosts multiple horse-shows throughout the year. One of its newest arenas called the R+L Arena can even host two events at the same time.


Heilan Horse Culture Museum

All stables need chandeliers, sculptures, and majestic staircases. Right? The Heilan Horse Culture Museum in Jiangyin City (China) is known as the most luxurious stable in the world. The museum is operated by the garment manufacturer China Heilan Group and is built as a part of an ecological tourist resort project. The facility was opened for free to curious and horse-loving tourists from around the world in May 2016. Inside the marble floored stable the horses are within their ‘padlock’ and can be pet by people visiting the museum. After petting the horses, admiring the sculptures, and marvelling at the luxurious building, you can end your day with a trip to the facility’s own shopping mall. The museum has received mixed reviews since its opening, but it definitely deserves a place on our unique equestrian facilities list!


Bourne Hill Stable

The last facility on our list is the Bourne Hill Stable in the U.K. The facility was designed and owned by the Danish Olympic team rider Anders Dahl. When he and his wife, a fellow rider, moved to the U.K, they renovated their property into one of the most beautiful equestrian properties. The outdoor arena is nothing short of stunning. The design is both aesthetically pleasing and modern. It also allows for a good dose of natural light which makes the arena seem even more spacious. In addition to this, the property has beautiful stables and is the ideal home for any horse loving family. The couple has now sold the Bourne Hill Dressage to a show jumper, who I am sure is enjoying these striking facilities.


That completes our list of the five most unique equestrian facilities around the world. If this list has inspired you to get your own unique equine facility, we at Entegra Signature Structures are here to help. We provide quality and custom designed Equine Riding Arenas. Check out our Signature Arenas with beautifully curved rooflines. With a riding arena from Enterga, you will get the look you love and bring your passion for riding to life.


Stork ‘s Nest Farm photo courtesy of Arch Daily.

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