The ShedSafe Accreditation Program Initiated by the ASI Steel Shed Group

The ShedSafe Accreditation Program is well-known for providing an industry benchmark for the manufacturing of steel sheds in Australia. It’s an essential tool for ensuring that steel sheds are built to be as safe and secure as possible, even in seriously adverse weather conditions.

Perhaps surprisingly, the history of the ShedSafe Accreditation Program is not a long one. The program was formulated following the destruction caused by Cyclone Larry in 2006 and its story is an interesting one.

Key points

  • The ShedSafe Accreditation Program provides an industry benchmark for the manufacturing of steel sheds in Australia.
  • The program was launched as a result of damage caused during Cyclone Larry when it was found that steel sheds did not conform to BCA standards regarding design and manufacture.
  • The ShedSafe Accreditation Program launched in November 2010 and continues to do vital work today.

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Why there was a need for the ShedSafe Accreditation Program

In 2006, Cyclone Larry caused devastation when it hit land close to Innisfail in northern Queensland. More than 10,000 homes were damaged and there was more than one billion dollars worth of damage overall.

It was against this background that government regulators and building certifiers recognised the need for steel sheds to be designed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia for steel sheds in  order to promote structural integrity and help alleviate risk to human life.

As a result, the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) was asked to take charge of making this happen. The ASI published the Steel Shed Design Guide for Portal Frames Sheds and Garages in 2008. Two years later, in November 2010, the ShedSafe Accreditation Program was launched.

What is the ShedSafe Accreditation Program?

When Cyclone Larry occurred most of the sheds which were seriously damaged and destroyed were not built in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). As a result of this, the steel industry learned some important lessons and the ShedSafe Accreditation Program was launched.


Manufacturers and resellers that participate in the program have to ensure that their designs are up to BCA standards. The program also guarantees that participating members undergo compulsory training and are regularly reviewed.

What the ShedSafe Accreditation Program means for customers

In Australia, there are several items of advice in place to promote safety in the case of cyclones in the country. The ShedSafe Accreditation Program is part of this as it helps customers to ensure the quality of the products provided by the shed manufacturers and shed sellers they deal with.

They can be sure that the steel sheds which are designed and built for them are secure and can withstand adverse conditions such as cyclones as much as possible.

The work that is done as part of the ShedSafe Program promotes steel products that are used to build cold-formed shed structures, like sheds and garages.  It also promotes compliance with industry regulations thereby instilling a sense of trust in customers and aiding the credibility of the industry overall. 

The ongoing work of the ShedSafe Accreditation Program

The work of the program, accrediting both the manufacturer and the seller, is essential to sustaining the steel industry in Australia. This includes providing a platform for independent forums regarding industry initiatives and awareness. Membership of the program covers a range of sectors including shed manufacturers, roll forming companies and steel shed industry suppliers.

The benchmark that the program provides is especially valuable in areas which are often affected by extreme weather although its work is not limited to these areas. Promoting excellence in steel shed design and manufacture is important in all areas of Australia.



By participating in the ShedSafe Program, manufacturers and resellers make a commitment to ensuring their designs and products conform to BCA standards. They also commit to participating in regular training and reviews. Accreditation cannot be purchased, it has to be earned. This increases the level of safety in the industry and provides a shed buyer with more certainty regarding the choices they make.

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