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Entegra is a custom shed manufacturer that has been constructing hay sheds since 1991. We sell both pre-engineered hay shed kits and custom designed hay sheds.
We’re the industry leader integrating the most comprehensive suite of support services to ensure the hay sheds we manufacture are installed to optimum specification with minimum hassle.

In 2018, Entegra was the WINNER OF THE VICTORIAN MANUFACTURING HALL OF FAME AWARD and we’ve continue to invest heavily in R&D which has resulted in the best hay bale sheds available with the Original Series.

The advantages of dealing with the best shed manufacturer

  • We provide support to access government fodder storage subsidies
  • Entegra take care of town planning and building permits
  • Having more hay shed options that can be discussed directly with our design team
  • Access to the most comprehensive suite of services in the shed build industry by any manufacturer
  • Faster shed builds
  • Free site visit by a shed designer

Do you plan to also use the hay shed for storing farm machinery? We’re experts in clear-span sheds unobstructed by internal posts. For hay sheds we often insert girder trusses to widen the space between columns. We have a range of options to look at – click here to see more!

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1000 bale hay shed

The Extensive Entegra range of Signature Structures includes:
Hay Sheds
Hay Covers
Rural Sheds
Hay Machinery
Workshop Sheds
Machinery Sheds
Commercial Sheds
Skillion Roof Sheds
Farm Storage Sheds
Open Gable End Sheds
Open Front Farm Sheds

1000 Bale Hay Shed $49,980

@ 2019 Prices, excluding GST, installation and optional extras

Hay Shed/Barn Available in 4 sizes

Our three standard sizes allow you the flexibility to work with what you need, and all sheds come three sides enclosed and open to the east, with the option to upgrade to hot dip galvanised frames and box gutters.


32m Long – 4m X 8m Bays
3 Hay Bales Wide Per Bay
6m Eave Height (5/6 Bales High)
18m Deep / Span (15 Bales Bales Deep)

Total Bale Capacity: 1000


40m Long – 5m X 8m Bays
3 Hay Bales Wide Per Bay
6m Eave Height (5/6 Bales High)
21m Deep / Span (17 Bales Bales Deep)

Total Bale Capacity: 1700


48m Long – 6m X 8m Bays
3 Hay Bales Wide Per Bay
6.75m Eave Height (6/7 Bales High)
24m Deep / Span (20 Bales Bales Deep)

Total Bale Capacity: 2500


48m Long – 6m X 8m Bays
3 Hay Bales Wide Per Bay
7.5m Eave Height (6/7 Bales High)
24m Deep / Span (20 Bales Bales Deep)

Total Bale Capacity: 2800
FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions
Do you need council approval to build a hay shed or barn on a farm1? Click here

Depending on which State or Territory you live, you will need a planning and/or building permit. If you use Entegra, we will take care of it all for you.

What is the difference between a box gutter and a fascia gutter?

Facia gutter is most similar to a residential gutter, it has a higher front which means you can’t see where the roof sheets end External Box gutter is a custom gutter that is designed to carry stormwater over long distances on the outside of a building.

Can I claim my hay shed as a tax deduction?

If you’re a primary producer, the capital expenses for the construction, manufacture and installation can all be deducted as a cost in the same income year. (Always seek advice from your tax agent or accountant prior to making decisions).

Options Available for Original Series Hay Sheds / Barns

Delivery to Site


Hot Dip Galvanised Frames

We understand the importance of speaking your language, being onsite and having your company needs at the forefront of the project.


Partnering with the best suppliers in the industry allows Entegra to utilise excellent materials and offer reliability for even the largest projects. Our experience and efficient processes work hard to deliver projects on time and to budget.


Adding value by design. Our team relish the opportunity to work with you from the get go and create a Signature Structure that hits the mark across the board. Authenticity and an aesthetic finish are essential.


We treat every relationship as a valued partner, working together to get the best results possible. Our team are in your world, and work hard to keep you in the loop before, during and even after project completion.


No two projects are the same at Entegra Signature Structures. Whether it is bale size or bay size and capacity, our team looks at all the variables to come up with a completely customised and unique solution that you will love.


Hot-dipped galvanised trusses come as a standard option for durability and the ultimate steel finish.

Buffer rails for extra protection of cladding, assisting in safer and easier loading.

Box gutters made to reduce the risk of broken downpipes. Minimising earthwork costs and hay damage from water ingress, avoiding combustion and shed damage.

Wider end bays for safe and efficient loading.

Constant communication and qualified project management keep you informed and ensure your project is delivered safely, on time and within budget.

Concrete plinth around the base of enclosed sides work to minimise water, rubbish and vermin ingress.

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As leaders in this industry, we focus on building lasting relationships by making your experience easy and hassle free. We’re passionate about what we do, we thrive on challenges and we’re committed to continuing to challenge the norm in everything we do – if you’re ready to talk hay sheds we’d love to hear more from you.