At Entegra, we specialise in creating the suitable industrial shed type which will suit your industry.  Whether it is in education, agriculture, dairy and feedlot, industrial, equine or horticultural, our sheds are carefully crafted to match your specific need.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry, when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing sheds, this definitely isn’t our first rodeo.


How exactly can your industry benefit from one of our custom built, high-quality sheds?  First, we need to know the industry you’re in.



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Education Buildings

It’s of paramount importance that children can have a space to play in during their breaks at school.  It’s vital to their growth and development.  However, when engaging in physical activity, you also want to ensure that the children are safe and protected from the elements.  Our Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLA’s) offer a roof for their heads, protecting the students completely from UV rays and also keeping them dry.

Agriculture Sheds

Our agriculture and machinery sheds are designed in such a way that storing your hay and machinery has become a method that is safe, easy and reliable.  Apart from keeping the hay and machinery dry from the rain, our sheds have other benefits.  For example, the installed buffer rails allow for extra protection of cladding, which makes for safer and easier loading.  As well as the buffer rails, our sheds come with wide end bays, which facilitate the load-in and load-out process.


Dairy and Feedlot

Entegra has recently introduced their new style of barns, the Ridgeback ™.  The Ridgeback ™ offers a shelter for your herd that allows for maximum efficiency.  With the new designed, curved roof, the Ridgeback ™ allows for at least 20% more air changes per hour compared to other standard barns.  This will help ensure the comfort of your cattle and can even possibly prevent heat exhaustion during hot summers.


Industrial Buildings

Entegra is renown not only for their ability to construct the best industrial buildings & sheds that are practical, time saving and efficient, but they have also made a dent in the market for building them with a very high aesthetic appeal.  Being built from scratch, our sheds can be designed to impress your clients and customers as well as serving to be structures that maintain a firm position in their functionality and usability.



For the horse enthusiasts that require a covered area that allows for proper ventilation and a specialised type of opal wonder glass that prevent shadows entering from the skylight, which can potentially spook your horse, we have the perfect equine arena covering for you.  Like all of our sheds, the equine arenas are no exception to our guarantee that we can customise it to fit your specific needs, whilst at the same time maintaining a style that is attractive and eye-catching.


Horticulture Packing Sheds

On every orchard and farm, the need and ability to pack and distribute your product is crucial to the success of your business. Understanding this, here at Entegra, we have the capacity, and experience to build, design and construct the perfect horticulture packing shed or building that will meet your business’s needs and requirements.


As mentioned, at Entegra, we have your needs covered.  Whether it’s in education, agriculture, dairy and feedlot, industrial, equine or horticultural, we are positive that we can create a shed to suit your desires.  If you feel as though we have your industry covered, or would like to know more about a particular type of shed that we could build and design for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us through our site here.

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