Everything You Need to Know About EvokeAG.2022

The premier agrifood tech event EvokeAG. takes place again in 2022. It presents an opportunity for farmers, innovators, researchers, and investors to gather together, connect, collaborate and explore a world of innovation.

For the first time, the event is taking place in two locations rather than one, taking into account any travel restrictions which may still be in place at the time. The theme for the dual location event is “What’s next?” Topics up for discussion include drought resilience, carbon farming,  removing barriers to the adoption of agritech, and the use of sustainable supply chains.

Key points

  • The premier agrifood tech event EvokeAG. takes place again in 2022. It’s an exciting opportunity for representatives of the agrifood industry to network and collaborate.
  • The event is bi-coastal for the first time taking into account any travel local and global restrictions that may still be in place.
  • EvokeAG. 2022 West is taking place at Sandalford Wines, Perth.
  • The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney, is the venue for EvokeAG. 2022 East.
  • Tickets for this year’s event are on sale now and can be purchased online. They are likely to sell out quickly so early purchase is recommended.

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EvokeAG.2022 goes bi-coastal

Although interstate and international travel will hopefully be back to normal by the time EvokeAG.2022 takes place, organisers have taken into account that there may still be some disruption.

So, the event will be bi-coastal for the first time. This is a sensible precaution given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic and resulting travel issues.

EvokeAG.2022 West will take place in Perth on 23 February 2022 and Sydney will host EvokeAG.2022 East on 15 March 2022. There will be a maximum of 500 delegates at each event which is a slightly lower total number than the 1,478 delegates who attended the 2020 event in Melbourne.

Despite the reduced number of attendees, the event is as exciting as ever. As part of the program of activities, innovation opportunities in Australia will be presented as well as export market opportunities for innovation.

EvokeAG.2022 West – Perth

EvokeAG. 2022 West is taking place at Sandalford Wines, Perth, Western Australia. The event will bring the latest innovations in agrifood and hospitality to the fore.

The state is home to some of the best produce in the country and the venue of Sandalford Wines is a testament to this. Commercial farming enterprises in Perth also have many innovative ideas to pass on regarding how to deal with the challenges of remote conditions and scale of size that are so prevalent in the state. Their insights are valuable to others in the industry who may be facing similar challenges.

The exact details of the program for EvokeAG.2022 West will be announced later in 2021. Speakers will start to be announced this month. What is already known is that the program will present opportunities for learning and collaboration for delegates and will be as enlightening and valuable as it has been at previous EvokeAG. events.

EvokeAG.2022 East – Sydney

The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney, is the venue for EvokeAG.2022 East. The agrifood community will gather at the location to discuss the next big achievements and challenges in agritech and food innovation.

The area around Sydney is a centre of start-up activity in the industry making the city an ideal location for the event. Delegates have the opportunity to connect with each other whatever their role in the industry, from agritech developers to industry experts and everything in-between.



The full program for EvokeAG.2022 East is yet to be announced but it’s set to be exciting. Keynote speakers will address their audience on the topics of the moment. Delegates will also have an interactive experience with the opportunity to participate in panel discussions and networking.

Book to attend EvokeAG.2022

More details about the content of both EvokeAG.2022 events will be published later this year. Based on previous EvokeAG. events, this year’s activities will be unmissable for anyone in the industry who wants to keep abreast of the latest innovations and challenges. With this in mind, both EvokeAG.2022 West and EvokeAG.2022 East are likely to sell out quickly.

Tickets for the events are now on sale. Anyone who wants to attend EvokeAG.2022 West in Perth or EvokeAG.2022 East in Sydney can book their tickets online here.


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